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Become a strategic partner with Leadership Circle as a Certified Practitioner and join with us in evolving the conscious practice of leadership for those you serve.

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Partnership Through Certification

Leadership Circle’s mission is to evolve the conscious practice of leadership. We support an incredible global certified practitioner network, all engaged in this mission and if you are ready, you can join us.

As a Leadership Circle Certified Practitioner, you’ll gain everything you need to make your practice thrive. We call it our “coaching business in a box.” It includes:

  • Assessments and products
  • Training and support
  • Marketing materials
  • Certification
  • Reports
  • Global networking
  • and more!

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More than ever, the world needs different, better, and even extraordinary leadership. But that only happens when we consciously engage together with the right practices that can help leaders and organizations thrive.

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Partner with Leadership Circle and get certified in the only 360° assessment built on the Universal Model of Leadership™. Supported by the latest and best research on leadership and adult development and validated through rigorous statistical analysis, the Universal Model of Leadership is proven to help your clients transform their leadership effectiveness.

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Three Levels of Leadership Coaching Certification

LEVEL 1: Start Here*

Built for leadership coaches, this certification allows you to administer the most powerful 360° leadership assessment in the world and enhance the effectiveness of leaders everywhere.

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*Please Note: Experience/education around 1-to-1 coaching for leadership development or personal development is required to attend this program.


Built on the same platform as the Leadership Circle Profile, the Collective Leadership Assessment provides senior leadership teams with feedback and insight regarding their collective impact.

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*Must complete Level 1 to attend this certification.

Leadership System Certification


Built to increase the individual and collective leadership effectiveness of teams and organizations, the Leadership System Certification helps you scale your delivery into organizations with our complete package.

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*Must have completed Levels 1 & 2 to attend this certification.

Contact Us to learn about bringing our Leadership Coaching Certification options internally to your organization.

Thrive as a Certified Leadership Coach


Increase break-throughs during leadership development sessions.


Get to the heart of transformation faster with your clients.


Understand the theoretical and statistical foundation of our Universal Model of Leadership.

Our Leadership Coaching Certifications allow you to join the premier Leadership Circle Community of Certified Practitioners. Comprised of Executive Coaches, Leadership Consultants, HR/OD/OE Professionals, Educators, and Therapists, our community is focused on evolving the conscious practice of leadership of those they serve. Here’s what you can expect as a Leadership Circle Certified Practitioner:

  • Access to our industry-leading platform built on the foundation of the Universal Model of Leadership™
  • Support in ongoing development
  • Online resources to support selling, delivery, and e-learning
  • Local community engagement & global community conversations
  • In-person and virtual events and conferences
  • And much more…

“I am certified in several popular and well researched 360° instruments and have delivered results to numerous executives over the past 15+ years. The Leadership Circle Profile is by far the most effective tool in getting directly and immediately into the most transformational conversation with the client. Nothing else comes close!”

Carol MurrayPrincipal, The Lifework Institute

Partner with Leadership Circle

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